JMS CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, Inc. is a full service Seal coating / Maintenance contractor with over 10 years of expertise and experience.

Seal Coating Projects: 
Commercial Plaza
Industrial Parks
Parking Lots
Air Port
Private Road Ways 
Residential communities 
Line Striping

What is Seal Coating?
Asphalt sealcoating is the process of covering your asphalt with a protective liquid called “sealcoat.” Sealcoat can greatly extend – and often double – the lifespan of asphalt by sealing oil back into your surface and slowing the oxidation process that dries and cracks asphalt over time.

Asphalt oxidation is sped up in South Florida due to the high levels of rain as well as heat and UV exposure from the sun. Because asphalt is an oil-based product, it also gets damaged over time by chemicals dropped on the surface by cars. Gasoline, oil, coolant and other chemicals will speed up the deterioration of your driveway or parking lot. To maximize your asphalt’s lifespan, we recommend annual or bi-annual sealcoats.
During every sealcoat process, our staff at Preventative Maintenance takes special care to ensure the following:

Cracks and potholes have been filled prior to the sealcoating process where required. 

The sealcoat is applied at the proper temperatures. 

The sealcoat is applied evenly and consistently across all surfaces including slopes and grades. 

The underlying surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepped. 

Weather forecasts ensure the sealcoat will have adequate drying and setting time. 

Careful attention is paid to edges and boundaries to give your surface a professional look.